Good morning everyone. Few months ago we ever released a plugin which has same function as what NST Wpn did. It is called as Architecture Base System, a.k.a ABS and then few months later I stopped to develop it because I don't have much time, also I have been tired at that time. Two days ago, I was doing my homework when suddenly I felt like my mood is boosted by lightning and then I continued the ABS plugin. What I did was adding some features to the ABS and I committed to change the code-name because it was to funny. A name came up in my head, Victoria, which means bringing a victory.

Now let's see the performance comparison between NST and Victoria. I have done some research either NST or Victoria.

This image below is NST Wpn scheme.

NST Wpn requires 5 plugins to support weapon and character. 6 plugins calls 2 native real time in the background.
NST Wpn handles 128 Primar ... Read more »

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Bring The Security to The Next Level

What is Security Guard? Security Guard is a brand new software that is being developed by Development Core. This software could work both online and offline and the settings can be modified towards what we want.

The settings themselves are protected with username and password, in other words you have to insert the username and password to change the settings.

Security Guard supports MySQL if it is activated. It is perfect to filter blacklist program running in the background for online games. Once a blacklist program detected, it will force the game to exit.

This software will be free for use, we don't know yet when this software will be released.

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Hello, I'd like to share for you about the Close Beta Program of CSPB 2014. This CBT program is equal with the OBT ones, but that project is not opened to public. So what's the difference between OBT and CBT? I'll simply answer, this project is limited and private. Because we don't want any leak about our Development features, in this program, we will launch the main features of the final CSPB 2014 and we want to make sure that there's no bug with the main features whether it is small or big bugs. So, can I join? Not all people can join, we invite the chosen people. Mainly for these people in the list So, can I still join? Yes of course, if you are invited. How to be invited? Simply, just participate actively the beta programs of CSPB 2014.


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